I have officially decided that I will not only be using this blog as an active space for myself and others, an online diary and general musings about life BUT ALSO a fitness blog! Because I’m about to embark on a verrry different fitness journey from what I usually do (I AM the cardio queen) and want to share it with you all!

Fitness is something I’ve always been very passionate about but never actually sought a career in. Mainly because I didn’t want to bother learning the science behind it all and the numbers involved when learning about calorie intake, macros, and macros, etc. (HUH?) (fancy gym words for fats and proteins, I think.)

New Beginnings 
I’ve made poor diet choices in the past, crash-diets, followed by binges has left me wobbling at 10 stone for the past 3 years. In those 3 years I’ve completed a FULL IRONMAN triathlon, (for those of you that don’t know its 140.6 miles with a 17-hour cut-off time; 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run) 3 marathons, an ‘official’ 10k run and a 5k swim (not to mention alllll the training for those events in between.)

Generally becoming bored with cardio and feeling like trying something new along with feeling ‘fat’ post-Christmas 16′ I sought out a PT at my gym simply to ‘tone up’ and use muscles that I knew were practically asleep. Low and behold, Mike. He was ‘hanging around’ when I enquired about PT sessions at the gym, and the receptionist directed me toward him. I’m a big believer in how people can come into your life at the right time, and although I didn’t know it yet, Mike came into my life at the right time. (I will be writing about this later, so stay tuned for my post about coincidences.)

Seed Planted
I had been training for 2 months (small improvements, so far). I planted a seed a few weeks ago and asked Mike had ever done a fitness competition, to which he replied ‘no have you ever thought about one?’ I replied, ‘nah, never’ thinking I could never be at that level. Soon after the negative ‘no’ left my lips, I figured actually YES, I could do that. I’d pushed myself to the limits before, so why not now? We had a little bit of a joke, and although I was keen to pursue it, I didn’t say much after.

During my second training session that week, the competition idea came up again, and Mike said, ‘sure I’m training you to become a fitness model now, aren’t I? I couldn’t hide my content, I had been wondering for the longest time, what was missing from my life and how I was going to pursue it and it had been right in front of me for 8 weeks. I’ve always had some sort of fitness goal for around the last 5 years, and after 18 months off, my brain was finally telling me, ‘I’m ready.’

The Rest Is History
I will be entering a fitness competition which involves bikinis and standing on stage posing in heels hopefully at the end of this year! I’m soooo uneducated in lifting weights and competition diet so right now I’m doing some research on poses and what it ACTUALLY takes to win! I’m putting 100% faith in my PT and letting him sort out a diet plan, the science behind it all and logistics. Slow and steady progress for now.

My Instagram handle is nofanniesallowed – Why the name you ask? A joke between my PT and I, whenever I have a bad day I refer to myself as being a ‘fanny.’ A ‘fanny’ AKA pussy, wimp, coward, a person who moans. We established that I am no longer allowed to be a ‘fanny,’ hence the name, no fannies allowed! 

I will be blogging about my progress, weight, motivational quotes, idols, diet tips, pictures, mood and everything in between. This new world of fitness is all a bit daunting, so I will be searching far and high for all the motivation and tips I can get my hands on.




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