The Power Of Believing What You Read

I’ve been reading a lot of self-help blogs, feel good posts and positive thinking blogs online and in books at the minute. Channeling all these good thoughts, vibrations and resonating with them isn’t easy as there is still a good chunk of mental noise and those ‘I can’ts‘ (I hate those) swarming in every so often.

I’ve compiled a list of points that I’ve come to question/raise with myself, since becoming more aware of what I’m feeling recently and how to fight off the negative demons through (sort of) online/offline therapy.

  • Reading about people’s problems online or in books can instantaneously make us feel better because we resonate with them.
  • How can we really resonate with someone online/someone we don’t know who’s written a ‘best-seller’?
  • When you have a problem which is the first person you go to? It’s not your mom, nor dad nor best friend. It’s Google (or that person’s blog you follow who always posts stuff you actually connect with.)
  • It’s a relief reading something that someone has written online/book, and you resonate with it. You take it as the bible. You’re not alone (hurrah) even though you feel like you are. But how do you know it’s true? You don’t. But you believe it anyway…

When I read life-affirming books or extracts, I do feel better and all of a sudden I’m ready to take on the world, try new things and turn my life around. I’m inspired by their success and how they changed their life around too usually by stating the methods written in their book/blog.

But how do I know that my mind isn’t playing tricks on me to make my broken life seem partially better, and this person isn’t telling a pack of lies to make sales? It’s OK if you feel like this too. Totally elated at the connection you’re getting from a person motivationally writing or speaking on a youtube video and really feeling like the whole thing was meant for you, then sudden bouts of questioning wondering whether it’s fake and all a show.

It’s deep to think this, I know and I’ve gone through the motions of thinking that the stuff I believed I was reading was some kind of conspiracy or some sort of joke, my life being the expense.

You gotta have faith, faith, faith.
First, it’s about faith. Like believing in God, I choose to put my belief in not only what the person writes to be genuine but in them as a whole. Researching the author also helps, and knowing their background in self-help methods, positive thinking or anything motivational (depends on what you’re looking for.)

Practice what they preach.
Secondly, it’s about putting into practice what they preach, and that means creating a habit. Every part of our lives is based on habit, and once you start putting into practice their teachings, you will begin to see shifts in your life (I know I have.)

These people (whoever it may be, who inspires you) have built their foundations living off their habits and putting a powerful teaching in place for you to replicate at a very low/no cost. You gotta consume yourself with what you believe in exists, and you will get it. You’re capable of doing anything, you’ve just got to open your mind to that attainability, and great things will happen.

Third, sit back and see results. It’s true when people say if you think positive things, positive things will happen, so I’m implementing all the positivity, good energy and anything else I can channel into trying new things that will make me happy, achieve my goals and drive my brain towards something new and exciting.

Practice Patience 
Lightbulb moments and knowing exactly what I want to do or where I want to be for me is not instantaneous. Some days I struggle, and there are periods of anxiety, fear, and stress but I just remind myself that it’s OK to feel like this now and again, it will pass and take each day at a time. Be patient, better days are coming, life get’s us all down every now and again, we’re human after all.

Goal Setting
There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a rut, I know, but the most valuable lesson I’ve learned recently is to just do something. Try anything. Set small achievable goals with the aim of a big goal, you’ll have great pleasure in striking the small goals off one by one as you complete them.

Face your fears and if it turns out badly, or you end up at a dead end, then try, try, try again. It’s hard to get back up, but in the long run, you’ll stronger for it and remember whatever point you are in your life at this moment, this is exactly where you need to be (what a cliche, eh?)

And finally remember everyone is at different stages of their lives, so stop comparing yourself to others (MASSIVE struggle for me personally) and enjoy the journey.



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