Not Another Fashion Blog?

Blogging is a great way for budding writers to be heard/seen and an excellent way to grow yourself as a brand. A way to show off to the world who you really are, what you stand for and more recently a great money-maker for those who do it properly and take the time to invest in what they post.

Fashion and beauty blogs are great, but they’re skin deep. The successful fashion and beauty blogs that I’ve come across on the internet day seem to primarily plug brands that the blogger probably doesn’t even use or wear on themselves but seemingly have scored a nice paycheck if they mention the brand on their main site or social media handles. It’s an all too familiar game in the industry, and its rumored the Kardashians are loading in 6 figure paychecks from these types of posts. Teeth whitening, hair tablets that make your hair longer and charcoal face masks are littered over my Instagram feed. Anyone else?


(**example, NOT ad)

Meditation blogs, spiritual guidance, positive body image and mental health blogs are out there, but they’re nowhere near as popular as the skinny tanned model bloggers than promote high fashion brands and beauty products. But why not? I think, There’s a certain stigma attached to these types of blogs, I think anyway. And then there’s the other factor; Money. These blogs make thousands because the cute type girls are sometimes just holding the products in their hands and the company has paid for the post. It sounds crazy when you put it into that kind of perspective, but it’s true. It’s modern day advertising on social media platforms, and it works!

I’m not saying that there aren’t other blogs are there that don’t focus on the fashion and beauty industry, but the large part do, and they seem to be the most successful. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that but where is the line between authenticity and just plugging a brands products that they’ve paid you to do?

Everyone knows that these bloggers have been sent thousands of gifts and it leaves us, the readers dubious as to whether or not they even wear the outfits, face cleansers, moisturizers, etc. they plug or if they use it once and never again?

The blogs themselves at first probably started out small, and over time these bloggers have become incredibly successful, almost like role models and celebrities in their own right. They are inspirational because they’ve started out writing in their bedrooms and quickly become ‘instafamous’ accumulating thousands of followers, likes, and comments. I’ve noticed that even some of them even have management. That leaves us, the fans even more dubious because they now have someone managing their posts, the posts we fell in love with because of their originality.

The posts (by large) you can tell are scheduled, no longer raw and every photo is a brand push urging the follower the follow ‘say brand’ or exclaiming that they are ‘totally in love’ with their new lipglosses,  that they just ‘had’ to buy in every shade of pink. The photos themselves shot perfectly on a professional camera with the best lighting and make-up. Rows and rows of narcissistic selfies and every trip/holiday they take is a photo shoot opportunity. (Did they really see anything worthwhile and educational or spent the weekend posing through a camera lens?)

I’m not gonna lie, I follow these types of blogs, and Instagram posts/models/girls myself and I like their posts and take inspiration from them myself. Although I keep a balance between following these types and blogs I know will educate me in spiritual enlightenment and guidance too, along with positive reaffirmation blogs and feel good posts. So as not to become completely consumed by it all.

I’m not dissing the above or throwing bad light because like I said before these people have built a brand around themselves and I admire them for sticking to it and building a business on their social media platform which stems from their following and inspirational (or whatever they may be) posts.

I’m just making an observation about the authenticity of what they post (is it all real or a fad?) and trying to create a conversation.




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