Why Are We Always Stressed?

I left a job quite recently because it was too stressful and I didn’t think the money matched the pressure I was being put through and it no longer served any purpose for me to stay there. I started waitressing to ‘de-stress’ myself. Clock in, clock out, how hard can it be? I’d done waitressing before and it came like second nature to me. I quickly found out that this was no less stressful that my desk job previous and I was getting paid half as much! I was constantly on show, worried about what I might say or do to offend anyone, along with the long periods I spent on my feet.

This got me thinking, are they any jobs which aren’t stressful? Surely there must be? Is there a job out there which has no element of stress attached whatsoever? Are we as a society so used to this thing called ‘stress’ that we almost welcome it with open arms because we expect it. Some people actually claim to work better when they’re stressed.

We should have the right to live a stress-free life. Life isn’t supposed to be stressful, so why do we create stress for ourselves and more importantly why do we create stress for others? We all know how horrible it is to be stressed so why do the companies we work for creating unrealistic goals and targets to stress us out?

I’m no expert in this issue or area but just wanted to address a few questions that I’d been asking myself of recent. All this has me thinking am I just going to go through life without ever taking responsibly and shy away from jobs that I deem too stressful? Back out when I’m faced with a period of anxiety or discomfort. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m an easily stressed person and I can’t cope with the workload? I can remember in my late teens and early 20’s, not ever feeling stressed, so why now? It’s like I hit 25 and BAM.

I used to blame my stress on the how digitally consumed we are becoming. Social media pressures are real along with that dreaded email inbox that you must keep on top of. Sometimes I just want to get away from the digital world altogether. It boggles my mind that people are in jobs their entire lives spent living behind a computer screen. They get three weeks holiday a year, a nice salary and weekends off but they’re never unconnected. Even on their weekends, they are still working.

It sounds hypocritical because I wouldn’t be writing here today if I wasn’t sitting behind a computer screen, but this is purely for me and my own gain. I can turn off and back on whenever I want to.

I’ve spent the last 3 months trying to keep my stress levels to a minimum. I’ve been panicking too much about what the hell I’m supposed to be doing with my life and really putting myself down in terms of thinking I’m not good enough or that I don’t have a special skill that I can really use to its full potential. I’m still working on that btw.

Reading self-help books, setting new goals, staying positive, (trying) being present and being grateful for life in general. When I get an irrational thought or fear or moment of anxious brought on by stress I usually have a word myself and tell myself to calm the fuck down.

I hope that soon enough I’ll have this method down so that I’m not in constant worry about becoming stressed or worrying about stress. Ironic, I know. Being aware of my own fears and channelling this mantra is enough for now because I’m in a state where I know that I’m being silly, overthinking or irrational and I can put a stop to it.






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