About Nai

Nai is a 24 y/o ex-digital marketer and MSc Graduate in International Creative Advertising. She started this blog to act as an online diary and initially write about some things that happened towards the end of 2016 and onwards; spiralling out of control into a ‘Quarter-life Crisis’, as it were… or the new, improved definition: a ‘Reality Check’.

Since deciding to leave her reasonably paid job in February of 2017 after 3-4 months of wanting to quit everyday, she finally parted ways with the company (thank God). Now she’s writing for therapeutic escape from the largely negative thoughts that plague her everyday life. “I’m a failure”, “I don’t know what to do with my life”, and “Why can’t I be like everyone else?” are just a few of those thoughts.

She wants to give her thoughts, feelings and messy mind an internet presence to remind anyone reading who might be in a similar situation that they are NOT alone. Nom writes about all things: life, good vibes, positivity, spirituality and just general randomness that pops into her head!

Writing for her is about turning negatives into positives, getting everything off her chest and bringing that longed-for stillness and patience into her life that is long overdue. She also longs to be fearless, and is finally educating herself on how to engulf these attitudes through her new-found love of books. It’s going to be a long, hard journey but she’s ready and already the trials and tribulations have brought her here today.