I’m not overly fond of the term ‘Wanderlust’ as it reminds me of pre-teen Instagram’s with ‘Wanderlust 🌏’ in their bio (rolls eye.) Wanderlust is an intense desire to go traveling however, and my desire is so intense, it burns through my soul from sunrise to sunset every day. So you could say that I’m a teen with the word Wanderlust in their bio, it’s … Continue reading Wanderlust

7 Stages Of Flashback Cringes Before Falling Asleep

You know those moments of total cringe where you suddenly remember an embarrassing past-time that happened to you where you hit a ‘total beamer.’ Your face was the colour of a tomato, your hands were sweaty, you thought you would ‘never live it down’ (but you did.) Well, now they’ve come back to haunt you… 1. They come rightttttt before you’re about to drift off … Continue reading 7 Stages Of Flashback Cringes Before Falling Asleep

The Real Cost Of Having FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Party, After-party. I’m a self-confessed party girl. Always have been and I reckon I always will be. I have faith that someday I will grow out of the late nights, the 9 vodka shots and everything else that comes along with it but for now, I continue to live for the weekend and drink myself into a disconcerted state of mind. I’ve developed a sort … Continue reading The Real Cost Of Having FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Not The Person I Was

I’ve had some terrible thoughts lately that have made me realize that I’m not okay. In turn, I’ve realized that it’s okay to not be okay. I’ve been making a conscious effort to get my life ‘back on track’ for the last 2 months. Trying to ‘chill out,’ ‘calm down,’ read and write. But something happened in the middle of last week which turned my … Continue reading Not The Person I Was

Turned On? Or Turned Off?

So we all have specific traits in guys that we look for when deciding to snog, date, marry, make human beings with, etc. I’m regularly asked, ‘What’s your type?’ For me, I go for the typical boy-band, tanned stud looks: give me Zac Efron any day of the week. Let me tell you, I’ve had to downgrade on dates because there ain’t many Zac’s running … Continue reading Turned On? Or Turned Off?